Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer

If you wake up one day and wonder what a job with meaningful impact on the world would look like where you can see almost immediate impact of your work on customers and the business then you should consider working for us. NoviCap is the biggest alternative lender in Spain and scaling rapidly, causing all sorts of issues from technical bottlenecks to excessive manual workloads on our operations team that needs to be automated away asap. We have a no-nonsense meritocracy where the best ideas win regardless of hierarchy or status in the company, we are very down to earth and have our clients best interest at heart.

We are looking for a senior software engineer who can pull his weight and write clean and maintainable code to join our core engineering team. We are currently 3 senior devs and foster love for memes, rock music, fantasy lore, clean maintainable code and pushing code.

The content of the role varies from

  • integrate new data sources
  • improve our machine learning algorithms
  • update pricing algorithm
  • extend our early payments API
  • maintain our automated trading algorithms
  • implement anti-fraud measures such as canvas fingerprinting
  • help automate our backoffice
  • help us launch partnerships in new countries

You must have deep working knowledge of at least one modern language (ruby, python, scala, elexir,...) and obviously knowing ruby is a big plus. Knowledge of ruby is not required as we strongly believe that great engineers can learn any language in a reasonable timeframe.


In order to make sure we all agree on what is best for the company, we are very transparent with our numbers and regularly present board decks to the entire company. We also share meeting notes of the weekly management meeting. We have dashboards hanging in the office that display our key metrics so everybody knows how the business is doing at all times.

If you want to work in an environment with zero politics and where data & reason carries the day, then you will love working here.

Continuous learning

We actively foster a learning culture by sharing knowledge and best practices in trainings/books. In fact, we buy any field-related book that you might want to read for self-improvement on company cost and it becomes part of our company library. If you love to learn about business related fields then you will find a rich ground here. We proud ourselves of experimenting with new processes or techniques that we hear about, continuous improvement is a core value of the company.

We expect you to think critically, learn independently and figure things out. If you are looking for a position with a lot of hand holding then please look elsewhere.

Oh! the challenges...

There is no shortage of technical challenges at NoviCap ranging from managing large data collection pipelines, complex trading algorithms, machine learning, security, pricing algorithms, API's (loads of them) and ofcourse keeping everything nice and tidy for maintainability. If you enjoy solving business problems or automate tedious manual work then you will also be very happy here.

Automate or die

Technology stack

We're using all the good stuff!

Below is an overview of used technology of our main projects and a short explanation of what the project is for:


  • Ruby on rails
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Redux
  • Postgresql
  • Cucumber
  • Rspec

Our web application is fully tested with more than 390 functional scenarios and 838 unit tests. The application is built on SOLID principles and we are using react.


  • nodejs
  • elasticsearch
  • command line tools

We are very good at scraping and have amassed millions of records from social media data to company directory data. Our tool of choice is nodejs and elasticsearch for parsed storage.

We experimented with hadoop for processing but this turned out to be a really bad idea.

Marketing website

  • cloudfront
  • yeoman tooling
  • nodejs
  • redux

Our marketing website is fully static and therefore is impossible to hack, the website is precompiled with yeoman and uploaded to S3 and then delivered via cloudfront. Parts that require updating often are built with markdown.


  • wordpress

Well, nobody has built a better CMS so far. We're in process of moving the whole marketing site to wordpress so marketing can be fully independent of the engineering team.

Risk algorithm microservice

  • random forests
  • logistic regression
  • lots of scraped data!
  • python
  • scikit learn

We've built an machine learning algorithm that can predict with 86% accuracy if a company will default next year or not.

Developer processes

  • continuous deployment with jenkins pipelines
  • continuous integration
  • git for version control
  • gitlab for code review

We use kanban to manage ourselves


  • Bi-annual company retreat
  • Open Holiday Policy
  • Subsidized gym subscription
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free breakfast & coffee
  • Office parties!
  • bullshit-free work environment

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