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Sweetspot has been acquired recently and we are looking for different development profiles with various seniority levels to make our team bigger, stronger and better. Whether you have just started your professional career or you have a vast experience as a Software developer, we want to meet you! If you are interested in what we offer, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to evaluate your candidacy.

We are accepting applications for this position until May 10th.

How interesting! Tell me more about this opportunity.

We are looking for professionals with software development experience. Ideally, those who have gained experience building Ruby on Rails applications but this is not a must. Are you familiar with the tech stack we are currently using? Keep in mind that we consider meeting you even if your background is slightly different.

Tech Stack:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Backbone.js
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • BigQuery
  • Docker
  • AWS

In addition to the above, you should:

  • Be eager to learn
  • Seek out and act upon feedback
  • Be eager to work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, and ego-free culture where your talent, ideas, and opinions are valued
  • Communicate your ideas, engage with different teams, and encourage collaboration
  • Ensure all tasks are completed to the required quality standards
  • Take ownership of your commitments and do what it takes to fulfil them
  • Be fluent in English (official language in the office) and Spanish.

Last but not least, company culture, and development culture, in particular, are extremely important to us, so your ability to fit well into them will be taken into account when assessing your candidacy.

Note: If you are interested in what we offer, you are passionate about software development and you are certain that you can contribute to the team, please do not hesitate to apply to this job even when you don’t tick all the boxes listed above.

Great, I believe I am the right individual and I would like to know more about Sweetspot.

Sweetspot Data Solutions is an Asturian start-up which develops its own software product. Our platform was created with the aim of supporting large organisations to automate information delivery through high-level automated dashboards and facilitate decision-making based on data.

Our offices are in the very center of Gijón (Plaza del Instituto), and we have collaboration and partnership agreements with multiple digital agencies in more than 15 different countries. From Sweetspot we serve Fortune500 clients such as Bosch, Green Bay Packers and BBVA, to name a few.

We enjoy working from our office but working remotely is a feasible option. We are glad to offer a flexible schedule so that everyone can take advantage of their moments of maximum personal productivity. Vacations can be booked when desired and days-off from bank holidays can be also used as per your preference.

Last March Sweetspot was acquired by ClickDimensions and, thanks to this successful event, our intention to consolidate our company as a cutting-edge center of excellence and development has been widely reinforced. With this acquisition, our offices in Gijón are added to the ones ClickDimensions already has in the United States, The Netherlands, Tel Aviv and New Zealand.

We have proudly built a growing and sustainable business from Asturias and our firm commitment is to continue doing the same in the future.

Sounds very appealing, what will I find if I decide to join your team?

These are the 7 company principles we care about:

  • Environment: We promote an environment where we can give the best of each of us. If something is not working for you, we are eager to receive your feedback and work to address it, aiming at a comfortable work setting for you.
  • Transparency: We have nothing to hide so we talk about anything publicly and when important decisions that affect the whole company are taken, everybody’s feedback is appreciated.
  • Collaboration: We are open and collaborative, we help each other and we listen and respect all opinions. This is an important part of the game and necessary to grow as a good and strong team.
  • Trust: We treat all staff as adults. This means that we trust that each person will work hard whenever and wherever they want in the same way that the team as a whole does it.
  • Inclusive culture: In a global working environment, a diverse team represents the working ethos of the company and holds the key for its successful growth. That’s why we firmly believe in equal opportunities and continuously promote a workplace that is safe and inclusive for everybody. An inclusive culture focus on empowering values to promote healthy discussions, open-mindedness, non-judgmental attitudes and appreciation of new perspectives to bring a heightened level of work satisfaction.
  • Work: We do not work with impossible deadlines, what's more, we define the deadlines ourselves based on the estimates made within the team. We want all our employees to be happy and comfortable with the work they do.
  • Life: All of us have a life outside of work, and using our time in an efficient manner is the secret recipe to enjoy a good balance between work and personal life. We do not value long working hours, nor do we want anyone working more than what is stipulated.

Ok, very good, but what is expected of me?

Sweetspot is a SaaS platform which has web and mobile app versions. You will be working on new web and mobile features, new 3rd party data source APIs integrations, or fixing bugs. Other tasks could be related to UX, performance, scalability or security.

We code mostly in Ruby and Javascript. We use Git as our version control system and we expect you to be familiar with Capistrano, Docker and the Amazon Web Services platform. In the front-end we use Backbone.js, but knowledge of other JS frameworks will be also taken into account. In the persistence layer we use MySQL, PostgreSQL and BigQuery.

We use agile methodologies (Scrum) and we do 1-week sprints, with its corresponding retrospective, sprint planning and sprint review. We care about good software development practices so code quality is a must for us and it’s ensured via Code Reviews. On Thursdays, we have a Book Club where we gather around and talk about programming books.

You have almost convinced me, tell me more about the conditions

We are proud to offer the following:

  • Work from anywhere with flexible schedules: No prob if you want to go to the other part of the globe for a month and work from there. Or if you need to go and see your family wherever they are and work remotely. As long as you take care of your responsibilities and tasks, we do not restrict where you do your work.
  • A competitive salary and an open-ended contract: We love our team and we pay accordingly. Not doing so would be irresponsible given the existing market. We look for long-term commitments and work relationships, and the only way to achieve this is to have a hungry and happy team. We are aware that a fair remuneration is key so. Our salary ranges from 24K€ to 55K€ depending on your level and experience.
  • Flexible vacation and bank holidays: 23 weekdays per year plus Spanish bank holidays. You have absolute freedom to enjoy them whenever you want. In addition, you can either enjoy these bank holidays or work on these days (or some of them) and compensate them at another time of the year, as it best suits you. 100% flexibility without limitations. If you are happy, we are happy.
  • Support for continuous training and professional growth: We have a long list of books in our library and it’s continuously growing. If there is a book you think could be useful for the team, just ask for it and we’ll order it. We also have a Book Club running on Thursdays afternoon to discuss development processes and other interesting stuff read in these and other books. Finally, we are happy to support your attendance to any event you may find interesting. We have a strong commitment to helping you grow as a professional because it brings major benefits for you and also for us as a company.
  • Equipment: We know that each person has its own preferences and we act in consequence. You will receive a laptop of your choice (Linux or Mac) so you can work with the computer that fits best your developer needs.
  • Work environment: An inclusive, safe and stable work environment, where everyone is comfortable and can develop their work in the best conditions.

¿Te interesa esta oferta?

Contacta con Sweetspot

☎️ Información de contacto

Send us an email (careers@sweetspot.com) telling us about yourself, your experience, expectations, why you think you would fit in our team, and most importantly, how can you help us grow and how do you think you will be able to grow with us. We love people with special attention to detail so take your time preparing this email. Also, feel free to attach any other resource (github, blog, web, ...) that could better your application. We promise to answer all emails as soon as possible.

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